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What is a Rescue? 

Rescues are normally non-profit organizations made up of volunteers and foster parents.   They normally have no shelter or facility.  Some are breed specific and some are species specific – cat only, dog only, pig only, etc.  There are Rescues that are simply looking for what they feel will be highly adoptable animals in their communities.


Because a Rescue can pick and choose the animals they take in, they normally have the time and resources to do very thorough adoption placements.  With little overhead and ample volunteers to support their efforts, they normally have the financial flexibility that shelters like ours do not.  

How do we select the Rescues?

We have our own screening process for selecting what Rescues we will work with and are careful to only work with reputable, responsible groups.  Sadly there are those that are not so responsible so screening is essential.  We do background checks on each rescue group prior to approval including veterinary checks.  We also look at their foster requirements and adoption process to ensure that they will be discriminating in the placement of our animals. 


All animals sent to these selected Rescues are done so with the understanding that if at any time the Rescue is unable to place the animal, they will be returned to us.  On the rare occasion where the animal is deemed unadoptable by the Rescue and we do not feel that we can safely put said animal up for adoption, we will approve euthanasia by the Rescue through their veterinarian.


We rely heavily on these organizations as they help us find homes for homeless animals.  Last year alone we rehomed more than 1700 animals through work with rescue organizations.  They are obviously an invaluable resource to the Humane Society of Parkersburg and to all homeless animals in need.


Information for Rescues interested in working with us

We actively work with Animal Rescue groups to try and place our animals outside of our local area. However, before sending any animals to a Rescue, each group will be required to complete and submit our Rescue Application and we will thoroughly screen them prior to any transfer of our animals to that Rescue organization.


We are very careful in our selection of the Rescues we work with and are as rigorous as possible in the review of each prior to sending any animal to their organization. We know that there are many wonderful Rescues but unfortunately there also those that are exceptions to this that cause us to exercise care in our selection.


If you are a Rescue organization or no-kill shelter interested in working with us, please contact our Rescue Coordinator, Debbie Hines, at or by phone at 304-482-0330.


While we greatly appreciate the support and assistance of rescue organizations in the placement of our animals, as a not-for-profit organization, we cannot afford all costs that sometimes are associated with this process. In some cases we will need reimbursement by the Rescues. In some cases, a Rescue may prefer that all vetting be done here locally prior to transfer and in these cases in particular we may require the Rescue to pay all or a portion of these costs.   We will NOT transfer or transport any animal that is sick or not healthy enough to travel. All animals will be vaccinated to the extent their age will permit, will have been wormed, and received a Rabies vaccination if old enough. 


We generally are able to assist with the transport of our animals, but that is dependent upon the location of the Rescue. 

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