2017 300 Club Memberships now on sale

....at the Shelter and from SPOT Committee members and Board members.


What is it? 

As a member you are one of 300 tickets in our weekly drawing for a $100 cash prize.  Only 300 members and even when you win, you are put back into the pool to possibly win again.  Grand end of year prize is $1000 too!


What is it for?

Proceeds from this event will go towards the PAWS Projects, a project focused on improving the facilities to enhance the health and safety of our animals.


The cost to join?

$1 a week for the year or $52 gets you into the club of only 300 members and into the weekly drawing for $100 for a year.



First drawing is the first Monday in May and every Monday after.


How do you join the Club?

Stop at the shelter or contact a SPOT Committee member or Board member and get a ticket now!


Great way to get involved, contribute and possibly win too.  And make every Monday a little more exciting!