Donate by Mail, Phone or in Person

Needs and Projects

You can mail, phone in or drop off a donation in person at our shelter or Clinic. 


By Mail:    If you want to make a monetary donation via mail, use our Donate by Mail form so that we can ensure we get all your pertinent information.


By Phone:  You are also welcome to call the shelter and make a donation via credit card.  Our staff will be asking for the same information contained in the Donate by Mail form, so you may want to review it in advance of your call.  Call the general phone number, 304-422-5541.


In Person:  We certainly welcome your visit to our shelter to receive your donation.  Again you're welcome to complete the Donate by Mail form to expedite things when you visit the shelter.  You can certainly complete one at the shelter too.


Donate to honor or memorialize someone special

You may want to honor a loved one, a beloved pet, or acknowledge a birthday or special occasion for someone special by making a donation in their honor or memory.  Celebrating those special people, pets or events in our lives not only honors them but also honors their love for animals through helping homeless ones.


We acknowledge all donations in our newsletters and here on our website.


Specify what you want to support  

While you can specify what you want your donation to support, common uses of such donations are:

  • Supporting our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

  • Special Needs Program - for animals with medical problems that are treatable

  • Shelter Improvements - PAWS Project

  • Sponsor a shelter animal


However, you can specify your donations to go wherever you desire or just specify that we use where it is needed most.


Other gift options to consider

Check out Other Ways to Help to learn about the variety of other options available to you to help us! Such as gifts of stocks, real estate, and long term giving.  


Donations of Supplies

See our Wish List for ideas of supplies we need.


Normally we ask that you deliver donations directly to the shelter during normal business hours. As much as we appreciate the donation, we just don't have the resources to pick donations up. Also, if you are donating a large quantity of something that will require assistance to unload or will take up a large amount of storage space, we would appreciate it if you would please call us in advance to notify us of your generous donation so we can make sure to be ready for your delivery.  


Services Donations

We always need all sorts of services but commonly we need help with:

  • Computer support

  • Lawn and grounds care

  • Construction and facility maintenance services

  • Transportation


Please contact Gary McIntyre, Executive Director, 304-917-4275 Ext. 103) regarding donations of services.  



Remember, donations can be tax-deductible! We can provide a receipt for your donation for tax purposes at your request.

Special Needs Fund

Some animals need more help than others.  The Special Needs Fund helps to provide speciality veterinary care, testing beyond the ordinary, medication, surgerical or emergency services.  The Special Needs Fund pays for life-saving services to animals in need.

Shelter Improvements - PAWS Project

Our shelter facilities are in desperate need of repair and improvement to better the health, safety and wellness of our animals. The PAWS Project is focused on providing a better environment for animals in our shelter and the public as well.

Spay/Neuter Assistance

Donating to our Spay/Neuter Assistance program helps those in need of financial assistance to get their pets spayed or neutered at our Clinic.  While are Clinic prices are very reasonable, some pet owners still need our more help.  Helping them helps us reduce the pet overpopulation problem in our community.

Sponsor a Shelter Animal

Donors aan choose to sponsor an animal in our shelter by helping to pay a portion of their adoption fee.  Donors can choose to fund all or part of the fee to encourage a pet's adoption and/or draw attention to them in the shelter.