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Spay/Neuter Assistance

Assistance is available for some that qualify.  We also have some grant funding at times to assist with getting personal pets spayed and neutered at our SPOT Clinic.  The best way to learn about what is available and the qualifications required is to call the SPOT Clinic during business hours at (304) 917-4275.


Food Bank

We try to maintain a food bank for dog and cat owners who need a little extra help with feeding their pets.  Stop by the SPOT Clinic to obtain food when necessary or call ahead to ensure we have food available. 


Cremation Services

When it comes time to say good-bye to your pet, you will need to decide how you would like to care for the remains. We can provide information about cremation services and help you make these arrangements.  We own and operate our own crematorium and provide these services not only to the public but also to some of the local veterinarians and funeral homes.  We offer both private and mass cremations. 


Mass cremations mean that your pet will be cremated with other animals and we will not be able to return their ashes to you.  However, there is no charge for this service, although you are certainly welcome to make a donation if you like.


Private cremation allows you to receive the ashes of your pet.  There is a charge for private cremations and they are based on the weight of your pet. 


Cats:                                       $47.00

Dogs:     Less than 20 lbs.:     $47.00

                    21 - 40 lbs.:         $59.00

                    41 - 60 lbs.:         $83.00

                    61 - 80 lbs.:         $107.00

               81 lbs. or more:        $142.00


Private cremations usually require 3 to 4 days to complete.  We also have a small selection of urns for sale at the Shelter.



Spay/Neuter Assistance
Food Bank
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