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Normally we ask that you deliver donations directly to the shelter during normal business hours. As much as we appreciate the donation, we just don't have the resources to pick donations up. Also, if you are donating a large quantity of something that will require assistance to unload or will take up a large amount of storage space, we would appreciate it if you would please call us in advance to notify us of your generous donation so we can make sure to be ready for your delivery.  

Dog and Cat Supplies:

  • Purina Dog Chow

  • Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Dog Food

  • Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food

  • Purina Cat Chow

  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Food

  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Canned Mousse Food

  • Purina One Healthy Kitten Food

  • Pedigree Canned Dog Food

  • Milkbone Treats

  • Soft Treats

  • Liquid Puppy & Kitten Milk Replacer

  • Friskees Canned Cat Food

  • Non-Clumping Cat Litter

  • Fresh News Cat Litter

  • Peanut Butter

  • Cat Carriers

  • Large Kong Toys/Durable Dog Toys/Jumbler Balls

  • Cat Toys

  • Blankets

  • Towels without holes or frays

  • Miracle Nipples

  • Hot Dogs

  • Rabbit Food

  • Hamster & Guinea Pig Food

  • Timothy Hay

Cleaning Supplies:

  • High Efficiency Liquid Detergent

  • Dryer Sheets

  • Bleach

  • Odoban 

  • Paper Towels Rolls

  • Toilet Paper

  • Trash Bags - white kitchen bags or 55 gal. bags

  • Dawn Dish Soap


Office Supplies:

  • Pens

  • Copy Paper

  • Sharpies

  • Manilla file folders

  • Legal Pads

  • Postage Stamps

  • Bank Boxes



  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Liquid Hand Soap

  • "Safe Paws" Ice Melt

  • Gas Cards

  • Gift Cards

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