While our foster parents believe that fostering is fun, rewarding work, it also requires a certain amount of time, energy and a big heart.  Read one foster's story if you think you don't have time or believe that it will be too difficult.  Fostering is incredibly beneficial and critical to our ability to help as many animals as possible.  And it's addictive!


Opportunities to Foster

We often need foster homes for:

  • Pregnant cats and dogs need foster homes from pregnancy until their offspring are 8 weeks old

  • Young kittens and puppies that need extra attention and protection from disease

  • Special needs pets that are injured, rehabilitating from an injury or disease, or are just in need of special attention

  • Pets waiting for transport to rescue organizations

  • Senior animals that are particularly stressed in the shelter environment

  • Emergencies or large animal seizures or extraordinary intake


While our Staff works hard to make our shelter a clean and healthy environment, fighting illness is an ongoing battle in a shelter environment. Fostering, especially young puppies and kittens, is one way to help keep our animals as healthy as possible. In foster homes they are not exposed to the diseases that can so easily enter our shelter with the next incoming animal. 


By fostering you are not only saving the life of your foster pet, but you also help us make room for another animal at the shelter.  Fostering can greatly reduce the number of animals euthanized at the Humane Society.


How does Fostering work?

Fostering a pet is quite simple – it begins when you volunteer to care for a homeless pet in your home. You take the pet home from the Shelter and provide love, nourishment and proper veterinary care until it finds a forever home or go to rescue.  Foster times vary from a few days to a few months.  We will provide you supplies as needed as well as pay for approved veterinary care.


To learn more read the Foster Care Handbook (regular program) and the Senior Foster Care Handbook.


If after reading you’re interested in joining our foster program, please complete the Foster Care Application.  Our Foster Coordinator will be in touch to discuss becoming a foster parent as soon as they can schedule.  Keep in mind our Coordinators are volunteers too and their time is limited.  Please be patient.


Becoming a Foster

While we have two distinct foster care programs - Regular Fosters and Senior Fosters - the process to get involved is the same.  The big difference is the age of the animals you will be caring for and the Foster Care Coordinator you will be working with.  Both programs follow the same process that is described below.


  1. Complete a Foster Care application - Foster Care applications are available at the shelter or can be downloaded here, printed and completed. Complete and submit your application to the Shelter.

  2. Undergo a Home inspection -  Our Foster Care Coordinator may want to do a home inspection prior to your being approved to foster for the HSOP.  This is done to help determine what kind of foster animals would best fit into your home, housing accommodations, family and lifestyle. The Coordinator will make final approval and determination as to what you are approved to foster – adults only, puppies, kittens, newborns, etc.

  3. Be approved to Foster - Once approved to foster you will be added to our foster call list.

  4. Start fostering - Now just wait to get addicted to fostering.