Adopting a new pet is exciting and life-changing and we’re excited you’re considering adopting from us. 


So how do you do that?  The short answer is you come to meet our animals, find the right one for your life and home, complete our adoption application, get your application approved and then take the new love of your life home.  As every pet will be spayed or neutered before they go home if the one you've chosen is not already we will schedule them an appointment at our Spay/Neuter Clinic across the street and then once spayed/neutered, you will take them home! All animals are required to be fixed before they go home.  It's both our policy and State law.


Read on to learn more about the process, fees and things you'll need for your new pet. We also suggest you read Things to Consider before adding a pet to your home. 


Adoption Fees and Specials


Availability of Animals

Animals are made available for adoption as soon as possible.  For some, this is as soon as they arrive and for others, this may be days or weeks.  Most often this comes into play with stray dogs who must be held 5 days (WV Law) to give the owner time to find them before being placed up for adoption.


The majority of our animals may be seen at the Shelter and on our website, within a day or two of arriving at our Shelter.  We encourage you to visit the shelter often as there are times that animals arrive faster than our photographers can keep up with. We may have some animals in foster care and as such, we require potential adopters to complete the adoption application prior to arranging a meeting.  While seemingly inconvenient for the adopter, this is done out of consideration for our cherished foster families.


Completing the Adoption Application

You must complete an adoption application that you may download one here and print it, complete one when you visit the Shelter, or complete and submit the online adoption form  While we ask a lot of questions, we're not just being nosy.  Again we are trying to learn as much as possible so that our staff can help you find the love of your life!


While normally applications are processed in the order they are received, that doesn’t mean that the first applicant is approved to adopt the animal they choose.  We are looking for the best home for each animal based on the needs of that animal and as such, that may not be the first applicant.  


You're Approved!

Once you have been approved to adopt and your new pet is ready to go home, you'll pay the adoption fee. If the animal is already altered (spayed or neutered) you may take the animal home directly from the shelter.  If not, they will have to be scheduled for an appointment at our SPOT Clinic.  Usually within a few days of adoption.  ALL our animals will be spayed and neutered before going home unless they are too young or have a health condition that does not permit it at the time of adoption. This is a rare exception and only our Manager can make that decision.   


See our Dog Adoption Checklist and Cat Adoption Checklist for valuable information about things you might need for your new pet.