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Question 1:  Which of these cats has a contagious illness or other medical condition (at the time of the photo)?

Answer :  ALL OF THEM!

Scroll your mouse over the pictures to learn what illnes each cat had and click on the picture to learn even more about their illness, prognosis and treatment.


Due to the long incubation period of cat illness, there can be a time frame of up to 10 days (or an indefinite time frame for more permanent conditions) where a cat is symptom-free, but is actually “sick”, contagious, and will soon begin showing symptoms.  For this reason, none of us (not even shelter staff), can look at a seemingly symptom-free cat and determine if he is sick or contagious with illness or other condition.  We must exercise the same cautions and follow the same protocols with every single cat, not just those we can visually identify as “sick”.


In cat orientation and training, you will learn more about the nature of cat illness and other conditions, as well as how to minimize the spread of such things and help us keep our cats healthy and safe.

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