Why donate?  Because our life-saving work is not possible without you. 

We cannot do what we do without your support

Donations are critical to us meeting our mission to save as many animals as possible and to stop euthanasia of animals simply because there are too many and not enough homes. In order to provide life-saving treatment for illness or injury, encourage adoption through reduced fees, provide care that promotes the health and vitality in our animals, and assist those that cannot afford even our low cost fees to get their pets spayed and neutered, we need your help.


Special Needs Fund

Some animals need more help than others.  The Special Needs Fund helps to provide veternary care beyond the ordinary.  Whether speciality veterinary care, testing and xrays, surgery, medications or emergency services, our Special Needs Fund makes life-saving services available to animals in need.


Shelter Improvements - PAWS Project

Our Shelter facilities are in need of continual updates to better the health, safety and wellness of our animals. The PAWS Project is focused on providing a better environment for animals in our shelter and the people too. Plans include separate areas for sick and healthy animals, stray and adoptable animals and between adopters and those relinquishing animals or meeting with Animal Control Officers.


Spay/Neuter Assistance

Donating to our Spay/Neuter Assistance program helps those in need of financial assistance to get their pets spayed or neutered at our Clinic.  While our Clinic prices are very reasonable, some pet owners are still challenged to afford these services.  Helping them helps us reduce the pet overpopulation problem in our community.


Sponsor a Shelter Animal

Donors may choose to sponsor an animal in our shelter by helping to pay a portion of their adoption fee.  Donors can choose to fund all or part of the fee to encourage a pet's adoption and/or draw attention to them in the shelter.