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PAWS = Pet Adoption, Wellness and Safety


PAWS is the theme of our new BIG project that will bring many much-needed changes and improvements to our Shelter!  For both animals and humans alike.   Protection, Adoption, Wellness, and Safety are at the heart of this future endeavor!


While our plans are not carved in stone, our goals include bettering our shelter to increase adoptions through improving the health and wellness of our animals and the safety of all beings in our shelter  – animals, visitors, volunteers, and our employees.   In short, we want to make the shelter a better place to be for all that pass through our door. Healthier, happier, and safer!  


A top priority involves looking at what we do for our cat residents.  Reducing illness through providing a less stressful and healthier environment for the cats, in particular, will not only increase adoptions and reduce staff time spent treating such illnesses; but also the costs associated with the same.  And healthy cats get adopted.  Sick cats do not!


We also want to look at providing a safer and friendlier area for potential adopters to visit and meet our animals.  Our lobby is very congested and is not always conducive for the best adoption experience.  We will be looking at ways to separate animal adoptions from the intake area, which can be not only stressful but emotional..for both animals and people alike.


A newly formed and singularly focused PAWS Committee has been created to jump-start this project and while they are still in the planning phase, we are moving full force in the fundraising phase; where our community’s support will play a part in making this project a reality. 


SPOT Committee


The SPOT Committee was created initially to help to raise funds for the construction of the SPOT Clinic and they did a phenomenal job doing just that!  The committee had the name SPOT first -- Stopping Pet Overpopulation Together - and when the clinic was complete and the time came to choose a name, no other name seemed more fitting.  While the Clinic has now been in operation for several years, the efforts of this committee have now been turned towards helping improve our Shelter facilities, via the Project PAWS. 


This committee stages the Tailwaggin' Tailgate Party, our largest event each August, as well as organizing the 300 Club. 


SPOT Committee Members


Karen Katchur, Committee Chairperson

Cindy Buckingham

Amy Heldman

Lyn Snider

Debbie Tipper

Jon Six

Melony Gingery

Loretta Winans

Lois Roberts

Connie Sands

Sandy Davies

Kim Latken

Mark Dodrill

Staci Kupfner

Deborah Tripett


Lois Roberts with Dexter and Smiley