Adoption Stories


Oreo and her baby

Thank you HSOP! When I finally found your shelter and a laid back little kitty named Oreo, it took some convincing to get my husband to agree to adopt our new feline family member but we are so happy we did and she's so much more than the mouser we had hoped for.


We have always considered ourselves "dog people". We're new parents of a seven month old baby boy and tonight was one of those nights where we said, "Fine. You can fall asleep here and we'll move you to your crib."  The baby refused to calm down even after our routine bed-time stories. The kitty was itching to get to him. I mean, it was literally like I was handling a snake, hand over hand keeping her from him! She kept fighting me to get to him so I finally gave up and said let's see what she wants to do so badly...she goes over to him, touches her nose to his binky and then lays right smack on top of him! She even let him pull at her ears and fur! Didn't flinch once!


This is the third night I had tried to prevent her from getting to him during fighting sleep, all the while I was preventing such an awesome moment. They are both blissfully sleeping together right now.


So again, thank you HSOP, for approving our adoption application for this little miracle.      .....Katy Walsh

Chance fans,

1 year ago I went to my furever home.

My humans had lost their 15 year old golden 4 months before they decided to volunteer for the shelter. I happened to be one of the longest pups there. They walked me and played with me every time they came. I soon realized they were not just doing a job, they loved me.


So a year ago today marks the first day of the rest of my life. My humans say everything happened for reason. We found each other when we both needed some healing. We are a happy family for sure.


Mom says "our family could be happy , but it wouldn't be complete without me".I am starting to think she was right. Life is good when you are spending it with your perfect humans.....Chance via Rebecca Worsham