A Fosters Story is Cindy Buckingham's personal experience as a foster.



by Cindy Winters Buckingham
1.  I don't have time.
2.  It is not fair to my dogs.
3.  I will want to keep them all.
4.  I think it will make me sad.
5.  I am sure they have enough people to foster, they don't need me.
Believe it or not I actually had more than five reasons for not fostering.  In reality they were not reasons they were excuses.

I am very new to fostering and consider myself an amateur, but I love what I am doing.  It was crazy to say I didn't have time.  I always make time to do what matters and caring for these animal really matters.
My dogs love having fosters.  They have played with, eaten beside and slept with every dog that has been in my home.  They act sad and seem to pout when a foster leaves.
Probably the lamest excuse was thinking that I would want to keep them all.  I am smart enough to know that cannot happen.
Truth is there are sad times when you foster, but every animal that comes through my door is getting a second chance.  That makes me very happy!! There will never be enough foster homes to fill the need.  With boxes of puppies and kittens constantly being dropped at the door of the shelter - how could there ever be too many foster homes to place them all?


One of my reasons/excuses for not fostering that didn't make it in the top 5 I would really call a stipulation.  I will not foster the sick ones!!!  I don't know enough about the medications and the care.  Someone else will have to deal with the sick ones.

I am currently fostering the most wonderful little sick boy you would ever want to meet. His name is Tinks. He is a 6 year old Shih tzu with rotten teeth and severe allergies.  He was brought to the shelter in very bad condition, having not had any care for his major health issues.  I now have a basket full of medication and allergy injections in my frig.  Tinks has a long road ahead of him, but I will be there every step of the way.  So much for stipulations.


I am officially addicted to fostering.  I love it and I will always find the time.     


Tinks would never leave Cindy's home as she and her husband Lee, adopted him after months of fostering but they have continued as dedicated fosters and have even ventured into territory that previously frightened Cindy tremendously, fostering a pregnant Chihuahua through a difficult delivery and even bottle feeding the puppies for a while.  Cindy will still tell you that fostering is one of the most precious things she does, not just as a volunteer but in her life.  And the animals she fosters are blessed by her care.