Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic - Our Dream

Our dream is to build and operate a low cost spay/neuter clinic for our community.  The plan includes the construction of a facility compliant with veterinarian standards and also the hiring of a licensed veterinarian and staff to perform spays and neuters for animals in and around our community.  We will also be able to provide these services to other animal shelters and rescues who will benefit from the lower costs procedures.  We are still raising money to support completion of the Clinic and the first few months of operations so if you are interested in helping with this life saving project, check out some neat ways to give towards the project while also honoring, memorializing or celebrating a friend, family member or pet. 

Progress to Date  

As of 7.25.13 Pictures coming soon.  The clinic construction is nearing completion.  Cabinets, lights, ceilings, countertops and some of the equipment is beginning to be installed.  Everything looks so fantastic!  We have so much work to do once construction is complete but just seeing it all come together makes us all anxious to get started with that hard work too.  We've got to buy supplies, hire staff, train, get procedures in place and then plan the grand opening.  Still looking at early fall for opening to the public.  That will depend on whether we can raise the additional funding to complete this work but we are very optimistic.  Stay tuned.  The SPOT Clinic is coming soon!

As of 7.16.13  How far we've come.  Walls are up and painted.  Ceilings going in this week.  Parking lot paved.  And next week cabinets and then flooring will be installed.  Unbelievable how its all coming together.  Interviews of veterinarian candidates also happening this week and before we know it we'll be cutting a ribbon and opening for business.  The building looks fantastic!

As of 5.24.13  Exterior walls and roof is on, so building is beginning to really take shape and look like a building.  The metal stud walls are also going up and almost done.  Electrical boxes have been installed along with the furnaces and duct work.  So much happening all at once.  Floorings and finishes have been picked out and jobs posted and while there is much work to be done on the building before we can think about opening our doors, we need to get started on the hiring, equipment purchases and training.  Fun stuff.  Here are a few pictures.  The exterior, the reception desk area, operating room and the community cat room.


As of 4.18.13 Yesterday we held our official groundbreaking celebration and it was very emotional but so fantastic!  We had a wonderful turnout of supporters and friends and the SPOT Committee put together a fantastic event for all to enjoy.  Special thanks goes to Bryan Katchur and John Coffman who addressed the crowd and shared the experience to date with planning and construction.  Also to Alice Hill, who blessed our clinic and all involved in a way that was so meaningful and moving. 

Construction is going well with only 2 days lost for weather.  Foundation work primarily but we're picking out paint colors and finishes already.  Will be done in no time!  Our grant to PetSmart for medical/surgical equipment is nearing completion and submission as they require that construction be well underway before making final application but Maryann has been in touch with them about our need to order some equipment sooner rather than later.  All this is very exciting!!!



As of 4.2.13   On this day ground was broken and construction of the clinic began.  While we have a long way to go it was a HUGE day just to see the trucks and heavy equipment moving dirt around and beginning the process.  The foundation has already been poured. 

As of 3.6.13   It is very exciting to report that we are now weeks from breaking ground.  While we still need to raise some more money to cover the entire cost of construction and operating costs as we open, we have enough to begin construction and so we will.  It's incredible!  While we will actually break ground in late March or early April weather permitting, we are planning a ground breaking ceremony at the site on April 17th at 5:30 and everyone is welcome.  We'll be announcing more about the event as plans firm up but please know we are so appreciative of all that have and will contribute to make this dream become a reality.  Will share the final floor plan and exterior design soon as they are finalized.  Pheonix Construction is our contractor and is going above and beyond in helping make this all come together.  Thank you John Coffman!!!

As of 10.27.12 We are closer than ever to raising the funds needed to begin breaking ground and hope to be doing so very soon. Final design plans and building plans are in the final stages of development. We have raised almost $400,000 that is earmarked and committed to this dream (these funds cannot and will not be used for anything BUT this endeavor). We still need to have a little more money in our fund to cover supplies not covered by the medical equipment grant we are pre-approved for from PetSmart and for operating expense reserve funds we need to ensure financial stability as we begin operations and get up to full speed.


As of 3.12.12:  Since 2009, we have been working to raise money for a low cost spay/neuter clinic, a clinic that will allow residents from the surrounding area on both sides of the river to have their pets spayed or neutered at a fraction of the current cost.  As of January 2012, over $280,000 has been raised from donations, fundraisers and grants.  We estimate that $400,000 is needed to complete construction of the building, purchase supplies and support initial operations until we are fully operational. 

We have a clinic build site that is adjacent to the current shelter, purchased in 2006. Preliminary plans have been developed for the actual building itself; we have a Project Manager onboard, who has begun initial discussions with a local builder with significant commercial construction experience.  We are hopeful that sometime in 2013 we will begin construction, of course dependent upon raising the remainder of the monies necessary.

We are also working with the national group, the Humane Alliance, a leader in the operation and development of such clinics across the country.  Humane Alliance’s team has trained and mentored 95 organizations in opening and operating high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinics all over the country since their inception in 2005. Since 2005, more than 1,250,000 companion animals have been surgically sterilized at these new clinics. 

We have also formed a very focused fund-raising committee, specifically for this project, known as the SPOT Committee - Stop Pet Overpopulation Today.  Their efforts have resulted in over $45,000 raised to date for this project as well as furthering the education of the public about the problem of pet overpopulation and the importance of this project.  

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May 19 - Walk Yappy Hour

June 4  - Elinor K. Ross Walk Your Paws

June 20-24 - Camp Ruffin’ It

July 18-22 - Camp Ruffin’ It 

August 20 - WVU Tail-waggin’ Tailgate Party


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